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Under Level 3 guidelines, we are operating strictly in a contactless manner. To ensure the highest possible health and safety standards for our customers and staff, we have developed a contactless drive-in/drop-off service offer. We’d like to reassure you that our entire team is taking every precaution to ensure the highest level of hygiene and social distancing standards for the health and wellbeing of our customers and staff. Some exclusions apply when you book your next service with us. Service bookings are available by appointment only. Dealership buildings are closed to the public. Our service departments are open six days a week, Monday – Saturday 7.30am – 5pm.

With two convenient locations (Manukau & Botany) , our experienced, professional and friendly team of service advisors go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are well informed, understand each stage of their service and leave satisfied. We guarantee peace of mind once you walk into our service centres.

Our certified Nissan technicians paired with our top of the line factory diagnostic equipment, assure that we provide premium servicing, guaranteeing your vehicle to operate at a premium level.

Our service branch offers:

  • Factory trained technicians with access to the latest information on your vehicle
  • Latest vehicles software updates (if available)
  • Full electronic diagnostic services
  • Regular vehicle service/maintenance and repair
  • Manufacture approved oils and fluids
  • Access to genuine parts and accessories

*Botany branch does not service Nissan Leaf vehicles

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Standard Service Checklist

Engine Compartment

  • Perform engine oil and filter change
  • Check all visible parts for leaks and damage
  • Check poly-V belt for wear
  • Check and correct fluid level (if required) in brake system
  • Check and correct fluid level (if required) in power steering system
  • Check and correct fluid level (if required) in windshield washer system
  • Check fluid level in cooling system

Wheels and Brakes

  • Check wheels for damage, crack formation and measure tread depth
  • Inspect and report on brake wear
  • Correct tyre inflation pressures and record results

Underside of Vehicle

  • Check all visible parts for leaks and damage
  • Check front axle ball joint for play. Check rubber boots
  • Check condition of flexible couplings
  • Check track rod and steering gear for play. Check rubber boots

Vehicle Interior

  • Reset service indicator in instrument cluster
  • Check operation of seat belts, seat and windows
  • Check operation and performance of heater/air conditioning system

Function Test

  • Indicator lamps in instrument cluster and interior illumination
  • Windshield wiper, windshield washer system and headlamp cleaning system (where applicable)
  • Check condition of battery


  • Check TIREFIT tire sealant expiry date (where applicable)
  • Check and correct tyre inflation pressure of the spare tyre (where applicable)
  • Check operation of trunk lighting

Vehicle Front End and Vehicle Rear End Inspection

  • Check condition of head lamps
  • Check and correct the adjustment of the headlamps (where applicable)
  • Inspect condition of wiper blades
  • Check condition of rear tail lamps

Final Inspection

Carry out final quality control of all repairs and conduct a road test to ensure all customer requests are fulfilled

Additional Service Items*

  • Replace spark plugs (++) due to electrode wear causing reduced fuel efficiency and engine performance
  • Replace transmission filter ((++)), gasket, bolts, and oil to prevent internal transmission componentry from wearing prematurely
  • Replace and flushed brake fluid (every 2 years) as it absorbs moisture from the air, reducing its boiling point and thereby reducing vehicle braking performance
  • Replace engine air filter/s  due to external contamination affecting engine performance and fuel efficiency
  • Replace engine fuel filter/s ((++)) due to fuel quality affecting engine performance and driveability
  • Replace engine coolant ((++)) preventing corrosion build up inside of engine
  • Check trailer hitch
  • Clean, grease and lubricate sunroof guide mechanism ((++))
  • Remove and refit 2 road wheels
  • Remove and refit 4 road wheels

Extra Work Variables*

  • Replace engine air filter/s (or as required) due to external contamination affecting engine performance and fuel efficiency
  • Replace engine fuel filter/s  as required) due to fuel quality affecting engine performance and driveability

(++) Depending on specific service schedule for particular model

*The additional service items listed above are not included in the standard service; we will check them whilst completing the standard service. The cost of replacing and fitting these parts and items is extra, as is the cost of replacing certain consumables, such as transmission oil, and wear and tear items, such as brakes.

For further details in relation to what is included and excluded in the Service, and the frequency of your vehicles' service intervals

*(++) Please consult our service advisors  who can advise you of your specific vehicle's requirements and, upon inspection of your vehicle, provide you with a quote for any additional costs that may be payable by you in order to attend to such excluded items.

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